The Strategy Execution Service

The Strategy Execution Service

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Improving Strategic Plan Success Through Execution

Every business leader has set goals. What distinguishes the great ones… and their organizations… is how well they execute their plans to achieve those goals. But doing that job well is subject to several potential roadblocks including: effective goal setting; stakeholder engagement, and; timely discovery of risks and opportunities.

Watershed, our Strategy Execution Service incorporates best practices and expert advice to guide businesses through those roadblocks. All you need to get started with Watershed is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

Watershed is more effective than paper and spreadsheet based scorecards and other performance management consultants & software. Here’s why:

  1. Timeliness & Reliability: Achieving your goals requires you to make quick, data driven decisions about strategy, risk and resource allocation. To do that you need instant access to accurate information. We eliminate the delays and errors introduced when consolidating and revising paper/spreadsheet scorecards and reports.
  2. Lower Ownership Cost: Your time is valuable. Focus resources on your core business. Our cloud deployment and SaaS pricing result in a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is up to 60% lower than paper/spreadsheet scorecards and up to 85% lower than on-premises software. If you thought balanced scorecard automation was out of reach, think again.
  3. Full Engagement: Your strategy’s success depends on all stakeholders knowing where the business is heading and how they can do their part. So why ration your strategy software? We’ve eliminated obstacles in design, pricing and training to help you along. All your people get access at the same cost.
  4. Hands-free Insight: You need to know what your business is doing right. And when things go wrong, you need to know why and right away. We provide the tools to monitor your performance at a glance: without clutter, macros, complex reporting or spreadsheet consolidation to worry about. We’ll operate the controls, run the analyses and our experts will deliver the insights to you.

Integrated Software & Service Features

  • Scorecards & Dashboards: to monitor performance
    • KPI and KRI metrics
    • Corporate and employee goals
    • Strategy maps
    • Interactive charts & gauges
    • Email reminders, alerts & accountability
    • Automated import wizard & online data entry forms
  • Collaboration: to improve coordination and focus
    • Initiative/Project management
    • Built-in messaging
  • Dedicated Performance Engineer: to help you implement your strategy
    • Training & Development
    • Risk Management
    • Change Management
    • Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Plan Development
  • Analysis: to discover insights
    • Drill-down to discover the causes behind the trends
    • Interactive reporting; visual analysis
    • Hands-free Insight delivers expert guidance
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What We Do

Watershed is more than software. It includes a team of consultants. The package of software and professional services allows you access to software which keeps strategy in the forefront of business decision-making without the need to hire or retain additional performance management staff. We work with managers individually to monitor strategy, analyze processes, identify changes in business opportunities and threats, then react quickly by making data driven decisions. We ensure that staff members have visibility of the overall strategy they are meant to be implementing. We give management and staff the tools needed to make strategy understandable in everyday terms and to engage with each other as they execute their strategic plan.

Why It Matters

For most businesses, a strategic plan is a snapshot in time, taken every few years. But, new opportunities and risks don’t take nearly that long to emerge.
You set goals for your business because you plan to succeed.
Yet more than 50% of strategic plans fail:

  • Because they are static;
  • Because fewer than 8% of employees understand them;
  • Because they aren’t fully executed.

We Move You Beyond Strategic Planning Toward Strategy Execution.

How We Do It

Watershed  ensures that all levels of an organization are engaged in and executing the same unified strategy. We use a variety of training and coaching techniques along with online scorecards, email alerts and reporting to increase the success of performance management systems such as the Balanced Scorecard, Lean and Six Sigma by extending their reach to all employees and by reducing the time and effort needed to implement and sustain these systems.

Having Watershed at your company is like having a fully capable Strategy Department, at a fraction of the cost. Watershed offers plans which help businesses to measure and communicate what they are doing, discover their successes, and focus their efforts on doing more of what works to achieve specific business goals.

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Use Cases

  • Motivate Employees & Focus Their Efforts.
  • Take Timely Corrective Actions.
  • Empower Business People to Make Better, Faster Decisions.
  • Facilitate Compliance with Regulations and Legislation.
  • Share Knowledge and Reduce Brain Drain.

Business Improvements

  • Communicate Strategy Visually: Ensure that everyone is on the same page with clutter-free scorecards.
  • Monitor & Adjust Execution of Strategy: Discover successes and focus your efforts.
  • Promote a Culture of Ownership & Communication: Empower your people to make fast, data driven decisions at all levels of your organization and prevent or mitigate costly errors.
  • Leverage Existing Investments: Get a higher return on resources you’ve already invested in performance management with Lean, Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard.

Comparative Advantages

  • Real Human Help: Access to strategy execution expertise is included with every plan.
  • Web Based Delivery: No servers or software for you to install and maintain so you see benefits quickly.
  • Reduce Time & Effort to Sustain your Strategy: Use Excel or Access to get your data into the system or out again.
  • Utility Pricing: Manage strategy company-wide without per-user fees.

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