Who is behind Watershed?

We are fortunate to have built a great team of brilliant and motivated professionals and advisors to bring Watershed to life. Our team includes PhD level experts in corporate governance, labor relations and computer science. Our team’s expertise spans global engagements including experience with the top 3 Human Resources consulting firms.

What’s Our Goal?

To boost businesses’ success at achieving strategic goals from below the 50/50 range typical at most businesses to above 90%. We’re doing it by making effective goal setting and strategy execution accessible to ALL stakeholders at small and medium sized organizations.

Organizations in industries such as education, finance, healthcare and public services are required to meet ongoing performance management standards. We bundle web-based software and consulting to guide these businesses through 3 types of activities:

  1. Ensuring that all employees understand company goals and are engaged in achieving them
  2. Monitoring compliance objectives, and
  3. Taking better, timelier corrective actions

Why Do We Care?

At most businesses, fewer than 8% of employees are even aware of the business strategy they’re meant to be working towards. So, it’s no surprise when they achieve their goals less than 50% of the time. Large enterprises employ full-time consultants and specialized strategy execution systems with customized software to improve their chances of success. Small and medium sized businesses have had little to no access to such integrated strategy execution software and expertise. As a result, 74% percent of organizations implementing strategy execution frameworks rely on internal staff equipped with paper and spreadsheets to monitor their strategic goals.

But businesses that build their systems around paper forms or spreadsheets soon find that they’re in for a bumpy ride. Quite often data is fragmented, reports are late, accountability is lacking and critical decisions are delayed. When business leaders eventually decide to automate, they generally find that commercial software carries costs for licensing, maintenance, consulting and training that rise quickly and discourage adoption by all users and stakeholders.¬† It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we’ve introduced Watershed – The Strategy Execution Service, which bundles all those services into a single charge based on utility rather than on the number of users.

What’s Our Big Idea?

To be your Strategy Execution Service, providing individual workshops, analysis, regular seminars, tutorials and technology that empower you to succeed over 90% of the time.

If your favorite part of a strategic change involves the creation of new macro-enabled pivot tables and custom reports, from scratch, every time a business goal changes, then our service is probably not for you. We’re focused on creating tools that non-technical business users will find engaging and useful.

If you value strategy and performance management software as a single source of truth, you will agree that it makes sense to Draw Everyone In. Everything from the design of our software, to our pricing structure, to our training & consulting format is carefully orchestrated to eliminate barriers to creating that single source of truth.